Saturday, May 2, 2009


An important aspect of any individualized review course is the development of effective study habits. The study units will guide you through a specific series of study questions designed to broaden your knowledge. However, successful completion of workbook and study guide depends a great deal on you : your study habits, motivation, perseverance, and organization. To assist you in developing necessary study skills, the following suggestions are offered:

Budgeting Time

To make this review course successful, you must budget your time. A well- planned schedule will actually save time and increase efficiency of your study periods.The most important characteristics of a study schedule is that it will keep you from speculating about what you are going to do next. Use the schedule to develop your personal study schedule.

Place for Study

You must find a quiet place to study. Locate an area that has good lighting, adequate ventilation, a good- sized desk or table, and no distraction. The last factor is most important because a few interruptions can negate what was intended to be a productive study session. You may be able to find a suitable study area at work. Possibly you are close to a public library or medical library. If, however, you must study at home, explain the importance of noninterrupted study sessions to family members and elicit their cooperation.


Your best bet is to stay away from the television, particularly if you are likely to watch it a great deal. In fact, you might even consider unplugging it for 2 or 3 months. You may actually find it enjoyable to to spend your evenings doing other activities.


You should maintain your physical condition during 2 or 3 months of preparation studying. This include regular meals, exercise, and sleep. You cannot expect to study effectively if your mind and body are not in peak condition.

Study Group

The workbook and study guide is designed to make studying alone much more effective. You may wish to schedule periods during the week for reviewing information with your friends. However, these review sessions should not infringed on your previously scheduled study time.


Procrastination will probably be your biggest threat. It is usually the result of trying to meet a deadline. Procrastination can be eliminated from your repertoire of behavior if two simple rules are followed : 1.) Watch for excuses, the hallmark of procrastination. Excuses for not studying must be challenged by rational thoughts. You must sell yourself on the importance of books and study guide. 2.) Stick to your study schedule. Deviating from your schedule will eventually lead to th evicious cycle called PROCRASTINATION.

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